Here's a bit of story about my Warframe play experience.
2015-06-01 00001

This is my Rhino Prime, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

Just by watching at my Chaos Space Mar... RhinoKhorne , anyone can tell that I'm playing on Stea... that I've spent too much money on this -marvelous- free to pay game (yes, it's a pun).

Though 200+ EUR seems a lot for a lot of you, I would have spent the same amount of money if I had been playing any subscription based MMO for the same amount of time (a year and a half), except Warframe is TOTALLY WORTH IT! :D

And for all of you wondering where I've spent all my plats, well it went 95% for cosmetics, slots and reactors/catalysts/forma. No weapon, no warframe, no resource, no prime part was ever bought by plat on my behalf. Except for the 5% you may ask which was actually the Elytron Pack, because Odonata is a turd and Archwing is still embryonic and a bit boring to farm atm. And a tiny bit of plat trading for some prime parts, rare mods and syndic weapons.

PS: if you are thinking "meh, just another rhinoob", this Rhino Prime is mostly meant for ostensory purposes and almost never sees action.

PPS: Apologies, to be honest, I did not think that a simple blog post on my own page would "clickbait" sooo much people (who felt deceived because the title and the content did not match) so here's a real topic related to the title :

tl;dr : Why are we so flashy, so bling bling, and so pimp, while we are supposed to be space ninjas ?

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