This issue has now been resolved, thanks Finner for the fix ;)

When people want to check where they can farm specific primes, they can't do it via that specific prime page anymore. These "locations" are kind of obsolete, misinform new players and lengthen the time it takes to get precise information. Kind of the opposite of a wiki's role.

Let's take the Braton Prime for instance (image on the right)

As you can see there's plenty of relics to farm this from, but unfortunately most of these relics are actually Vaulted.

It would be really usefull if we had a little something to know which relics are vaulted and which aren't, like a little asterisk+line at the bottom or the word "(vaulted)" next to each vaulted relic.

Now the issue is I don't know exactly where in the wiki's model hierarchy this change would require happen. But I'm pretty sure there's plenty knowledgeable contributors that will know where and how to implement such change :)

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