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    I've been playing Nekros a lot more since the recent buffs but I wanted to share some severe bugs that I think players should know about. If you can confirm any other bugs with Nekros, please post them in the comment section so I can try and compile them for a bug report. 

    These I have been able to personally replicate:

    - Disarmed targets that are killed by Nekros don't count toward his "clone list." This has been observed with a Loki using radial disarm.

    - Clones can be easily killed by allies upon spawning onto the map. Clones can even be killed by the caster himself. AoE abilities, weapons, and even stealth prompts allow them to be killed. The window of vulnerability is small but it's enough to destroy them all, especially on a laggy host.…

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  • Finedaible

    Syndicate Sacrifices

    November 1, 2014 by Finedaible

    As you probably already know, Syndicates require an exorbitant amount of standing points (reputation), credits, rare resources, prime parts, and orokin catalysts and reactors in order to rise in rank. I've been playing for a long time and as a result, I am somewhat wealthy in warframe, except when it regards platinum. I've been mostly a "free-to-play" player, purchasing small amounts of discounted plat for slots and a Prime Accessories package to support the developers at Digital Extremes.

    My biggest concern is with the sacrifices of orokin catalysts and reactors, as these are only obtainable with platinum. There are alerts which reward them from time to time but it's very easy to miss them if you have to work. Because of this, it feels lik…

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