I've been playing Nekros a lot more since the recent buffs but I wanted to share some severe bugs that I think players should know about. If you can confirm any other bugs with Nekros, please post them in the comment section so I can try and compile them for a bug report. 

These I have been able to personally replicate:

- Disarmed targets that are killed by Nekros don't count toward his "clone list." This has been observed with a Loki using radial disarm.

- Clones can be easily killed by allies upon spawning onto the map. Clones can even be killed by the caster himself. AoE abilities, weapons, and even stealth prompts allow them to be killed. The window of vulnerability is small but it's enough to destroy them all, especially on a laggy host. Also, Hydroids are abilities are the most problematic.

- Hostile clone effects make Nekros a nuisance on Infested missions. I have tested making clones of Tar-Mutalist MOAs and and Swarm-Mutalist MOAs and can confirm that both the Tar and Spore Clouds still hurt and debuff allies and Nekros. This leads into another problem in that the clones will quickly spread any clouds all over the place, making it impossible to dispel.

- Tar-Mutalist MOAs will still attack the team with their Tar when under the effects of Terrify.

- Brood Mothers are not affected by Desecrate. Not sure if this one was intentional or not but it is one less target for desecrating oxygen in survivals.

- Lobber Crawler clones carried by Mutalist Osprey clones will sometimes spawn with their original textures, and persist indefinitely or until killed after the skill timer has expired.

Update: Most of these bugs have been present since before the buffs. This blog post is to simply gather and share info on any Nekros bugs that need fixing. I'm sure if enough players made enough noise on the warframe forums, we might be able to draw DE's attention to these issues.

2/2/2015: It appears that we have been somewhat successful in drawing DE's attention to Nekros's bugs. Today my bug report was merged with another post conerning nekros and it seems [DE] Danielle has sent a report. Here is the link for those who wish to contribute: Click here to go to the Warframe Forum post

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