Since the release of the Syndicates, some of people's (coincidentally) favorite weapons have gotten their own Syndicate weapon mods with the special effects. The 1000 damage dealt by the effect is quite useful if you just need some extra damage to burn down your target. At some occasions too, the procs dealt can be also used to the player's advantage. But "promoting" the syndicate mods is not the reason I made this blog.

It is a known fact that each Syndicate gives 3 mods for any 3 certain weapons. The main problem is that most of the favored weapons picked by their respective syndicates usually.....suck. Or they're just weaker versions of weapons. Well, it is logical to give chance for weaker weapons, but still. Why not generalize those mods, and make them each become a mod of one category. For example, Gilded Truth which is used a lot as the weapon it is made for is useful (Burston Prime), but why not turn it into mod for (Primary) category, not only for Burston Prime. That way, the available mods can be more flexible so that getting to sacrifice level 4 in Syndicates isn't only for the sigils, but the mods can be used for all. 

Although I dislike the fact of the mods not being generalized, I still like their status procs matching each Syndicate's visions and behaviour.

Another problem is the charge gauge for the effect. In a lower level area in which only small amounts of affinity will be given, the charge will not fill completely and it will go down fast. It also applies to areas with scarce enemies. This makes the mods become conditional and only effectively used in places with grouped tough enemies, such as the void, for example. Another of my suggestion is to make it become kill count or better, damage count. Affinity in the charge is not quite effective. But using damage count, the amount needed to make the effect happen is certain.

That's all, maybe I'll add some more. 

EDIT*: Sorry for the wrong facts, the charge is using affinity, not hits. Thank you for the people who reminded me.

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