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    Ember Allrounder-Build

    October 4, 2013 by FlocKster5

    I would really appriciate a feedback, and if you say me what´s wrong. My english isn´t the best at all and I translated it myself.

    You need:

    -Ember with a sweet potato or 2 -3 Forma in her 

    -Boltor against Grineer and Infested,  supercharged

    -Afuris against Grineer and Corpus, maybe polarized

    -Fang against Grineer and Corpus with potato or forma

    -Lots of fusion cores and mods

    for crafting and upgrading

     for crafting everything

    Ember herself is a crowd control warframe what makes her very effective against Infested, Corpus sometimes and high-level Grineer. Her abilities are only damageing beside Overheat to protect her (what deals decent damage too). She is not fast, neither heavy armored, so you need at least +200% Redirection and +200% Vitality. The D …

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  • FlocKster5


    October 3, 2013 by FlocKster5

    Here you can find some funny moments/memes about warframe.

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