I would really appriciate a feedback, and if you say me what´s wrong. My english isn´t the best at all and I translated it myself.

You need:

-Ember with a sweet potato or 2 -3 Forma in her 
Orokin Reactor

-Boltor against Grineer and Infested,  supercharged

-Afuris against Grineer and Corpus, maybe polarized

-Fang against Grineer and Corpus with potato or forma

-Lots of fusion cores and mods
for crafting and upgrading
Resources Test Button

 for crafting everything

Ember herself is a crowd control warframe what makes her very effective against Infested, Corpus sometimes and high-level Grineer. Her abilities are only damageing beside Overheat to protect her (what deals decent damage too). She is not fast, neither heavy armored, so you need at least +200% Redirection and +200% Vitality. The D slot is ideal for Redirection. She´s also a caster, makes use of her abilities. She has 225 power at level 30, but that´s way to less, altough it´s pretty  much for non-casters. It´s recommended to put a min. +100% Flow mod in the Bar slot.

Now you can choose: Do you use more the guns and melees, or the abilities?

If you are purely spamming with her skills, you obviously should equip Stretch, Continuity, Focus and Streamline. But you have only 3 slots left, so make a good decision, or swap Redirection and Vitality with a max Vigor. But that could be hard for new players!

If you´re playing with guns and melee weapons, you should equip Quick Rest, Rush and Marathon for a smoother gameplay.


The phoenix helmet lowers the final shield capacity but gives 25% more base energy, resulting in (at level 30 without mods) 427.5 shield capacity and 281.25 energy.


The backdraft helmet gives her 15% more pace health resulting in a maximum of 345 health, while lowering the sprinting speed at 3%, resulting in a speed of 0.97.


The Boltor

Boltor mainly used against Infested Ancients and Grineer. It will literally (not really) f*** trough their armor. Altough it´s really slow and it´s base damage is really low, its has a medium magazine capacity. Equip a +105% Serration and maxxed Speed Trigger mod. Also equip Wildfire for better crowd control. Do not equip Hellfire and Magazine Warp, the costs are too high. Notice that Corpus has a 0.5 multiplier to fire, some you only get the 18 base damage against them if you mod the weapon like this (What can be easily countered by replacing Wildfire with Stormbringer).

The Afuris

Afuris used against hordes of enemys, mainly Infested and Corpus sometimes. Although the damage is low, it has a very high fire rate, what results in like 280 DPS. Increase it with Hornet Strike, Barreldiffusion and Gunslinger. Also put a maxxed Quick Draw mod in it for faster reload, unless you can deal with it. No Return is obvious, altough you can replace it with other elementals, recommended is Convulsion so you have a weapon against Corpus.

The Fang 


Is only effective against Grineer, but against them it´s just one of the best choices. Put in Molten Impact for Stun and the 1.25 mutliplier at medium units, a Pressure Point and Fury mod. If you potatoed/forma-ed it, you can put it a maxxed Reach for the altough large AoE Jump attack and standard attacks. You may think that it does like nothing on a dagger, and you´re right. On one dagger. You will have space left for elemental, too.

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