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  •      Why is most of the material in this game just centered around Mid-early Solar system now? Why is there little to no end game , only "endless missions"? I want new players to join too but the "New player base" is still priority even though they've tailored the game to it for the last year and a half and have done a pretty awesome job thus far. Warframe is nothing like it was when I started..Constantly reworking frames/weapons/Mechanics To make them better. But more Balanced? For who? sometimes they break it, sometimes we do. Some changes are needed to advance with the direction of the game but is all of it necessary?                                                                                                                     (Preā€¦

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    Orokin Unicorn

    November 17, 2014 by FoxPrime

    Ok, So I'am normaly not a big "blog" guy, however, yesterday while in the void some friends and myself found "the Orokin unicorn" and felt I had to share. Of course you're wondering what the hell I'm Talking about so I will explain. So while grinding for some Nyx prime parts in a T3 Exterminate we decided to explore a bit and wondered into the "elevator loot room" and found this..

    A Rare Orokin storage container, which in all of My 20 months of playing Warframe have NEVER SEEN. When we busted this bad boy open we got a full forma and a 30 minute credit booster..Awesome, So I was curious as to how many other Operators have seen one of these in the Void or if this is something newly implemented.

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