• Fuzzy c

    I have noticed a few things in the game to do with the lore and some things about the Warframes themselves are starting to add up. I'm going to cover these 'hints' and go over some of the infomation around the Warframe technology.  I have updated this blog to relect some changes the game has gone through since i first wrote it. Next, we need to start with one important thing, the Dark Sector link.

    In case you haven't read anything on Dark Sector, I'll give a extremely quick overview. In Dark Sector you play as Hayden Tenno, the name alone is a refernce to the Warframe Tenno. Hayden is a cleaner agent for the CIA and is sent on a misson that ultimately leads him to being infected with the technocyte virus. If you have read text around Warfra…

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  • Fuzzy c

    Ash levels

    April 14, 2013 by Fuzzy c

    Just noting down what I achiveved when I leveled Ash

    Rank 13: health

    It appears that every 3 levels you get a stat boost to either health, shields or energy/power. It's also consecutive gains: HP, shield, energy/power, HP, shield, energy/power etc.

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