I have noticed a few things in the game to do with the lore and some things about the Warframes themselves are starting to add up. I'm going to cover these 'hints' and go over some of the infomation around the Warframe technology.  I have updated this blog to relect some changes the game has gone through since i first wrote it. Next, we need to start with one important thing, the Dark Sector link.

In case you haven't read anything on Dark Sector, I'll give a extremely quick overview. In Dark Sector you play as Hayden Tenno, the name alone is a refernce to the Warframe Tenno. Hayden is a cleaner agent for the CIA and is sent on a misson that ultimately leads him to being infected with the technocyte virus. If you have read text around Warframe, you would know that the technocyte virus is the basis for the Infested. Later in Dark Sector, Hayden steals what is essentially the Excalibur Warframe (Prototype). With the introduction of the Proto-armor skin, this ties Warframe to Dark Sector by explaining that it is a relic from a time long past. Another link from Dark Sector is the Glaive, which is a weapon Hayden was able to use after being infected. The text for the Glaive and Glaive Prime also point to this link from Dark Sector.

With that infomation, I can now introduce my theory.

The Warframes seem to be diviable in to different generations. We have the first attempt at Warframes which were in Dark Sector, these would later be the basis for Warframe technology. The first generation of Warframes come just before the attack of The Sentients.The Codex entry for Excalibur reveils that the Orokin were able to send people to the Void and then were able to make Warframes on them with the powers that we use now. The Codex entry also reveils that the Orokin were already aware on how to make Warframes without any powers. This would make the first Warframes using the people sent to Void, the Prime Warframes.

The second generation of Warframes, would be the Warframes that were essentially mass-produced. The evidence for mass produced Warframes is on Loki's leg, the Tenno lettering says "Tenno Model 2100N serial 148-H". The straight fact being that having a serial number means that there was one before (in this case 147 at least) and nearly all serial numbers are sequential.

The introduction of the Tenno Lab fuels my theory a bit futher. More specifically is Banshee lore. Banshee was released as being found in the outer reaches of the solar system as a new design. This would make the Tenno Lab's Warframes as the newest generation of warframes. Only Volt has no real lore attached to him which makes it hard to determine if he is the newest generation of Warframe or not only other than having a Prime. Although, Volt could have been recreated by the Tenno based of the Prime version.

I have a quick timeline to flesh out. Dark Sector is the first event on the timeline after which an unspecified amount of time passes. Then the start of the Orokin era begins soon followed by The Old War, which is the attack by the Sentients. The Collapse happens after the The Old War, started by the Tenno slaying the Orokin.  After which many millenia pass and get to the current time in which Warframe takes place. The Great Plague seems to have occured at an unknown timeframe possibly before the Orokin era and after the events of Dark Sector. It might be possible that The Great Plague is the time period after Dark Sector.

That's all for now. I got my ideas out and wonder now if anyone thinks along the same train of thought. Feel free to share your thougts and ideas.

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