To Centauri

    July 26, 2014 by GDSK-NXS

    Well, yesterday I played Warframe and while in Pluto I saw something interesting: 

    The shattered Outer Terminus of the Solar Rail Network is located here. The Corpus work to rebuild it.

    I didn't noticed this in my time in Warframe, but the last time, it seems very accurate, as the trailer wich has Alad V saying "Centauri" and the advice for the last enemy faction (the less human) from the Devs.

    It seems clear that there will be a "riel" from "Outer Terminus" to the Centauri System someday, and we may find the new faction there.

    What are your thoughts of it? I think that a mission on a riel (against corpus only) with a very (I mean, VERY) high level (We can say, level 50-60?) to make it really dificult. Let some comments, I think is a nice thin…

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    Warframe Stats

    April 17, 2014 by GDSK-NXS

    So... I had seen the Stalker Codex and he has Flesh, Alloy Armor and Proto Shields... now, thinking about the Warframes, I thought they were all the same, but after a short time thinking of it, and the fact that you can have the same warframe four times in a mission, and the new Tenno Spectre (Flesh, Ferrite Armor and Shields) what would it be the Tenno stats?

    Flesh (Because they are different people -unlikely-)

    Cloned Flesh (Because we have a lot of warframes)

    Infested/Infested Sinew (Because we are infected with that Virus)

    Alloy Armor or Ferrite Armor?

    Shields or Proto Shields?

    Please, if you want to do some testing do it, my friend (that plays) will not be available to do some research for a time, so I will appreciate the efforts XD

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    Well, hello guys, I'm here to talk you about something I came thinking on other things... Endless Spy Missions. How I came to this idea? I remembered a time when I get a triple Spy mission on an infected Spy mission node on Venus, where you can access to a Survival Corpus and Defense Corpus as well. (before E-Gate) and loved it so much, but SO MUCH, that I came here to share this idea with you n_n

    Q: What are they?

    A: As Spy Missions, you have to collect four pieces of information to get a reward, you can continue, the enemy will be stronger, the reward will be better, as any endless mission type.

    Q: How it work?

    A: You spawn in a game and you have to collect up to four data pieces from an entire ship (this gamemode would need a new level genera…

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    Project Tethra (ideas)

    February 11, 2014 by GDSK-NXS

    Well hello, I read the message from Darvo, telling me about this Grineer project called Project Tethra. As we know (and if you not, you are not paying attention to the game XD) Corpus is loosing territory on the solar map, Grineer is pushing so badly that corpus don't even have chance to invade, people said it was the "gamers greed" trying to farm Harvester and Detron, but I tought it was part of the next event (no, I don't have a name for it XD) and yes, it's that after all.

    Now, this blog says "ideas" so... no, I'm not giving you ideas, I'm letting you share your opinion about this.

    I hope for this to make the corpus win (or at least recover) part of the solar system. Expecting new enemies, new game modes, new maps, tilesets... you can comme…

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