Well, hello guys, I'm here to talk you about something I came thinking on other things... Endless Spy Missions. How I came to this idea? I remembered a time when I get a triple Spy mission on an infected Spy mission node on Venus, where you can access to a Survival Corpus and Defense Corpus as well. (before E-Gate) and loved it so much, but SO MUCH, that I came here to share this idea with you n_n

Q: What are they?

A: As Spy Missions, you have to collect four pieces of information to get a reward, you can continue, the enemy will be stronger, the reward will be better, as any endless mission type.

Q: How it work?

A: You spawn in a game and you have to collect up to four data pieces from an entire ship (this gamemode would need a new level generation, or one such as Survival, very big and complex, with many many rooms and paths) and when you get them you have to deliver the info to a certain place (not the extraction point) and when you do, the Lotus tells you what you had discovered (as the opposite of Survivals, where you have to keep the enemy busy while a tenno search the ship for data). The reward for every package is accumulative (as Survival ones) and after the first one, you can continue searching or go at anytime. After the package is delivered to that certain place, you get four new objectives to adquire, so the game continues until you can't obtain more because of the enemy leve being too strong.

Q: What rewards would it give?

A: I think in something that people would like to have, like a "Transmutation Recipe" for a certain mod... you can get the recipe for Ammo Drum (common) and you can get (with enought luck) the recipe for Firestorm (rare) as we say somethig like: Hellfire+Stretch+Cryogenic Rounds+(another uncommon mod, too lazy to search, sorry).

Question for you guys!: Do you liked the idea? There is something you would change of the gamemode? And the reward, it's fine or you want to give an option?

Goodbye fellow Tennos :B

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