Well hello, I read the message from Darvo, telling me about this Grineer project called Project Tethra. As we know (and if you not, you are not paying attention to the game XD) Corpus is loosing territory on the solar map, Grineer is pushing so badly that corpus don't even have chance to invade, people said it was the "gamers greed" trying to farm Harvester and Detron, but I tought it was part of the next event (no, I don't have a name for it XD) and yes, it's that after all.

Now, this blog says "ideas" so... no, I'm not giving you ideas, I'm letting you share your opinion about this.

I hope for this to make the corpus win (or at least recover) part of the solar system. Expecting new enemies, new game modes, new maps, tilesets... you can comment what you think... about this project.

Please, be respectful to the other people ideas, yes? thank you very much my fello ;D

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