Well, yesterday I played Warframe and while in Pluto I saw something interesting: 

The shattered Outer Terminus of the Solar Rail Network is located here. The Corpus work to rebuild it.

I didn't noticed this in my time in Warframe, but the last time, it seems very accurate, as the trailer wich has Alad V saying "Centauri" and the advice for the last enemy faction (the less human) from the Devs.

It seems clear that there will be a "riel" from "Outer Terminus" to the Centauri System someday, and we may find the new faction there.

What are your thoughts of it? I think that a mission on a riel (against corpus only) with a very (I mean, VERY) high level (We can say, level 50-60?) to make it really dificult. Let some comments, I think is a nice thing to discuss XD

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