So... I had seen the Stalker Codex and he has Flesh, Alloy Armor and Proto Shields... now, thinking about the Warframes, I thought they were all the same, but after a short time thinking of it, and the fact that you can have the same warframe four times in a mission, and the new Tenno Spectre (Flesh, Ferrite Armor and Shields) what would it be the Tenno stats?

Flesh (Because they are different people -unlikely-)

Cloned Flesh (Because we have a lot of warframes)

Infested/Infested Sinew (Because we are infected with that Virus)

Alloy Armor or Ferrite Armor?

Shields or Proto Shields?

Please, if you want to do some testing do it, my friend (that plays) will not be available to do some research for a time, so I will appreciate the efforts XD

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