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  • Gat235

    Melee 2.0 Mods
    Katana Tranquil Cleave
    Sword Iron Phoenix • Crimson Dervish
    Dual Sword Crossing Snakes • Swirling Tiger
    Scythe Reaping Spiral • Stalking Fan
    Fist Seismic Palm • Fracturing Wind
    Hand & Feet Grim Fury • Brutal Tide
    Staff Clashing Forest • Flailing Branch
    Glaive Gleaming Talon
    Polearm Shimmering Blight • Bleeding Willow
    Whip Burning Wasp • Coiling Viper
    Dagger Homing Fang • Pointed Wind
    Dual Dagger Gnashing Payara • Sinking Talon
    Heavy Melee Cleaving Whirlwind • Rending Crane
    Hammer Shattering Storm • Crushing Ruin
    Machete Sundering Weave
    Channeling Life Strike • Quickening • Enduring Strike • True Punishment • Warrior's Grip • Corrupt Charge • Killing Blow • Parry • Second Wind

    Technically, the last four Channeling mods are ju…

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  • Gat235

    Greetings Tenno! A hidden transmission was found, but most of the data is still coming in! Keep in touch here:

    • Text on background wall translates to: MANIFESTO 13

    • All six screens translated to: DECODING TRANSMISSION

    • Incoming video transmission on the first screen!:
    • Showcases Trinity with Orthos, Volt with Kogake, Frost with Dual Heat Swords, and Excalibur with a new katana.

    • Other screens translated to: DECRYPTION SEQUENCE INITIATED
    • Text below wrote: "Grineer brothers, what is happening? Why do these Tenno grow stonger while you continue to fail your Queens? UNACCEPTABLE!"

    • Second screen displays a photo of Volt and a new melee weapon and writes: "Brothers, see how they mock us with their displays of honor."

    • Third …

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  • Gat235

    Just an idea that popped up to me one day, copied and pasted straight from my post on the formus, which is here

    It seems pretty odd that the Grineer would be handing out Gallium, a material usually used by the Corpus, or Fieldrons. Likewise, why would the Corpus be offering Neurodes? Come on, let's put some logic into the rewards.

    Grineer: Rewards include Detonite Injectors (3) and Neurodes (3).

    Corpus: Rewards include Fieldrons (3) and Gallium (3)

    Other rewards, such as 50k Credits, Mutagen Masses (3), and Orokin Cells (3), can be offered by either side.

    Also note that these changes would apply to Infestation Outbreaks, with the rewards being 1 of a resource or 25k-30k Credits.

    Balance is key

    Something I would like to stress in Invasion missions…

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  • Gat235

    Something horribly wrong has happened to the Stalker, here's the story of my encounter:

    (TL:DR version at bottom)

    EDIT: Stalker now appears in my Codex, image can be found on the Stalker page in the gallery. Requires 20 scans to log him in.

    // WARFRAME Log #0132 //

    "I was running a solo mission on Eris, scanning various Infested for my Codex. Suddenly the lights flickered and I knew that the Stalker was paying me a visit. I stood atop a crate to keep myself distant from the random Infested mobs and got my scanner ready to log in the Stalker. As soon as he appeared, the Infested began to swarm him. As I scanned him, the Stalker cleared the Infested with a single Slash Dash. I pulled out my trusty Brakk and fired away and his health reached 10% i…

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  • Gat235

    Wha- huh? Chances of this?

    November 10, 2013 by Gat235

    Well, I got bored and decided to rank up my Seer for my next Mastery level, so I went to a random low-level mission, specifically M Prime. Not much really interesting happened during the mission, but when it was finished, I got a... T3 Extermination Key? Glitch? Bug? Insanely rare chance? I have no idea.

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