Just an idea that popped up to me one day, copied and pasted straight from my post on the formus, which is here

-Invasion Rewards-

It seems pretty odd that the Grineer would be handing out Gallium, a material usually used by the Corpus, or Fieldrons. Likewise, why would the Corpus be offering Neurodes? Come on, let's put some logic into the rewards.

Grineer: Rewards include Detonite Injectors (3) and Neurodes (3).

Corpus: Rewards include Fieldrons (3) and Gallium (3)

Other rewards, such as 50k Credits, Mutagen Masses (3), and Orokin Cells (3), can be offered by either side.

Also note that these changes would apply to Infestation Outbreaks, with the rewards being 1 of a resource or 25k-30k Credits.

Balance is key

Something I would like to stress in Invasion missions. Why should one side lose because the other is offering a Catalyst? Why not make it so both factions offer similar rewards? 50k Credits vs 50k Credits, Neurodes vs Gallium, Injectors vs Fieldrons, Catalyst vs. Catalyst, etc.

I'm a Grineer/Corpus Supporter! I don't want to support (opposite faction), but I want (insert opposite faction reward)!

This is also something that could come up. A faction could also offer rewards relating to the current tile-set that the defender is on. Example: Corpus invade Eris, which is currently a Grineer-controlled Corpus tile-set. Grineer can now also offer Gallium and Fieldrons, as they have salvaged resources from the conquered area.

What about Catalyst/Reactor/Forma BPs?

I've seen many topics on the forums regarding this, such as how they don't last long enough. I suggest that these rewards can only be offered ONCE per planet invasion, and ,u.should last two or three times as long as a normal Invasion should,/u.. Also, mentioned before, both Factions should offer the same BP, so instead of the goal being a better reward, it becomes a test of loyalty, which is what I'll discuss next.

What about the Harvester/Detron influence and/or a possible Brakk equivalent?

Another thing that's also well discussed. The parts and blueprints for the handguns can be offered by each faction as rewards, obviously Brakk going the Grineer and Detron going with Corpus.

-Loyalty Rewards-

Something that's probably debated fairly often. Some suggest special faction weapons, which others respond with Mastery point problems. I'm completely open to suggestions here, so give me some ideas!

Reminiscent to the Gradivus Dilemma, a Loyalty system could be implemented with Invasions. The # of missions that you do for one faction can reap better rewards in the long run. Obviously, the opposite faction wouldn't like that too much, and will resent you for it.

Total Missions are decided by the total missions you've done for both factions combined. Supporting one faction will reduce the trust of the opposing faction, so choose wisely! Example; doing 50 Grineer mission and 50 Corpus missions will put you at 0 for both sides. Likewise, do 36 Corpus and 25 Grineer, and you'll end up with 11 missions sided with the Corpus.

Loyalty Benefits:

100 Missions: Invasion Rewards are increased by 10%, supported faction now requires 4 missions instead of 5. Likewise, the opposing faction now requires 6 missions.

200 Missions: Invasion Rewards are increased by 20%, a Grineer/Corpus Supporter Badge, similar to the GD Badges, but only shows the allied faction's icon.

300 Missions: Invasion Rewards are increased by 30% (3 resources are now bumped up to 4), supported faction requires 3 missions, opposing requires 7.

400 Missions: Invasion Rewards are increased by 40%, a special weapon skin with goes with your supported faction.

(e.g. Flame or shark decal/skin for an Ignis when supporting Grineer, motherboard/Tron-like skin for a Flux Rifle when supporting Corpus.)

500 Missions: Invasion Rewards are increased by 50%, General Sargas Ruk/Darvo now voices you through missions instead of the Lotus when you play.

I'm open for ideas from 500 Missions upwards, increased rewards might get out of hand/repetitive.

Note that these bonuses ONLY apply to the Faction you are supporting, siding with the other side will just reward the regular amount.

Should you decide to support the opposite faction, and the total amount drops below a milestone, YOU WILL LOSE THAT BONUS! i.e. At 400 missions with Grineer and have Ignis skin + 40% bonus. If you do one Corpus-supported invasion, the total drops to 399 and YOU WILL LOSE THE SKIN, the bonus will drop back down to 30%. I really don't want people just supporting one side for the rewards, then swap to the other to get the rest.

On another note, hese rewards CAN NOT be bought with Platinum, this is LOYALTY, not bribery!

But what about Infestation Outbreaks? How will this affect them?

The number of missions will remain at 3, regardless of faction. Also, helping the opposing faction won't deduct from your current mission total, since you're not actually fighting against them or your supported faction. Reward bonuses WILL affect the rewards, but obviously, only the Credits are really going to change.

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