Greetings Tenno! A hidden transmission was found, but most of the data is still coming in! Keep in touch here:

  • Text on background wall translates to: MANIFESTO 13

LOG: March 27

  • All six screens translated to: DECODING TRANSMISSION

LOG: March 28

  • Incoming video transmission on the first screen!:
Warframe - The Sword Alone00:23

Warframe - The Sword Alone

  • Other screens translated to: DECRYPTION SEQUENCE INITIATED
  • Text below wrote: "Grineer brothers, what is happening? Why do these Tenno grow stonger while you continue to fail your Queens? UNACCEPTABLE!"

LOG: March 29

  • Second screen displays a photo of Volt and a new melee weapon and writes: "Brothers, see how they mock us with their displays of honor."


LOG: March 30

  • Third screen displays a photo of the new Water Warframe and writes: "A new warframe has risen from the ocean's depths..."

LOG: March 31

  • Fourth screen displays a photo of Councilor Vay Hek and writes: "And I, I have evolved. As I crush flesh, so too will the mind fold."

LOG: April 1 (No April Fools here!)

  • Fifth screen displays a photo of the Grineer Shipyard and writes: "But you are not alone brother, we will reinforce against the Tenno."

LOG: April 2 - April 3

  • Final screen displays a photo of Vauban standing near a holographic projection of the Badlands and writes: "Now they think they can claim territory of their own?"
  • Bottom-left of the screen displays a 7-character code in Grineer that is slowly decoding, possibly a countdown to Update 13.
  • Translated so far: 7-6-5-?-?-?-?

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