(first this is part 2 so make sure to check part 1 first!)

Ash and Loki raced to rendez vous with their squadmates. Both of them were skilled free runners, but Loki slightly pulled away from Ash. Ash vaulted over crates and followed up with a wallrun and jumped over his brother to gain the lead. "Showoff!" said Loki, in between two breaths.

In the distance they spotted Rhino and Trinity, their two designated teammates for this mission. The two of them made a perfect team, and some said that they were more than just a team. They were surrounded by dead Grineer, it seemed like Ash and Loki weren't the only ones caugt in an ambush. "Everything allright here?" asked Ash. Rhino put his massive hammer onto his back before replying. "We had a little run it with some Grineer, but nothing we couldn't handle. You guys ok?" "They ambushed us too. We made it out alive, they didn't." Ash tried to act neutral, but in fact it was very close and if not for his little brothers shield upgrade, he wouldn't be standing there no more.

"Did you get the artifact?" Of course, the whole purpose of their mission. The Lotus had detected an Orokin artifact on this ship, so they were sent to retrieve it. "It was barely protected. Of course that was probably because most of them ambushed us on the way back." "Excellent, lets go home then," said Trinity, who joined them in conversation. "Guys, we might have a problem," said Loki, while he pointed at the hangar door, which was locked shut. "They must have locked down the system. No problem, I can hack it. I took some hacking lessons from Vauban the other day," said Trinity, and she walked over to the green securtiy system terminal on the wall. She started shifting around panels in order to breach the network and override the lockdown.

But one of the Grineer lying around wasn't dead yet, he was just hammered by Rhino's Fragor and felt like he could at least take out one of his attackers. In a last effort he pulled out his pistol and managed to crawl up so he could see his assailants. He fired his gun at the first target in sight, Trinity's  back. Trinity, still not knowing of the immenent danger, kept on hacking. "Almost done" she shouted. Rhino spotted movement and saw the Grineer sitting up with his gun aimed at Trinity. "WATCH OUT!" he bellowed, and he jumped towards Trinity, pushing her out of the way. Some of the bullets hit Rhino, but most of them flew into the wall behind him, causing no further harm.

Trinity stumbled to her feet and saw Rhino lying on the ground. "You...You saved me. Are you allright?" Rhino was delighted she seemed to care so much about him. "It hurts like hell, but I'll live to fight another day. My armor and shields took most of the blow." He gladly accepted her hand to help him up. "Hang on, let me heal you. Stay still for a moment," she said. She concentrated, and a healing green beam appeared in her hands. "Wow. I feel...great!"

"Uh guys," said Loki, who stood by the terminal Trinity tried to hack into. The terminal screen was pitch black, and had three bullet holes in it. "Now what do we do?" asked Ash. "This was the only way to extraction." As to make everything even worse, they saw a bunch of Grineer advancing from behind them. "We need to get out of here. NOW!" "But how? The door is blocked, we can't break through a solid rubedo door, can we?" asked Loki. "No. But the walls are ferrite." Rhino pulled out his hammer. "What is he..." began Loki, but he shut his mouth as Rhino released a mighty roar. He charged onwards and went straight through the wall. The three of them stood there in amazement. Rhino's head apeared out of the hole: "Are you guys coming or what?"

They hurried to extraction. They didn't encounter any more closed doors, because the Grineer had cancelled the lockdown in order to pursue the Tenno. Not that Rhino seemed to be stopped by a locked door. They reached extraction without any more difficulties. "Congratulations Tenno," said Lotus. "How was your mission?"

Ash considered what had happened. Loki saved his life and almost died in the process. Rhino saved Trinity and almost died as well. They were trapped and had no way of escaping so Rhino bursted through a wall. "Nothing special really," he answered.

To be continued...

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