• GluttonyFang

    Improving Melee 2.0

    April 14, 2014 by GluttonyFang

            Since the game's having problem at the moment, I might as well put down some thoughts ever since Update 13 was released in regard to Melee 2.0 .

              Putting aside the one hour and thirty-eight minute (yes I counted) delay on Devs' second deadline, in addition to the largest grind wall yet to exist in Warframe in terms of content; I wish to discuss exclusively of Melee 2.0 .

            I'm certain everyone had their share of fun in slashing and hacking with the new melee animation, so I will only point out the problems I personally have with it.

    1. No longer able to block unless using melee weapon

              Yes, I am aware that the intention is that Tenno should only have the ability to block while wielding melee weapons to create in…

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