Since the game's having problem at the moment, I might as well put down some thoughts ever since Update 13 was released in regard to Melee 2.0 .

          Putting aside the one hour and thirty-eight minute (yes I counted) delay on Devs' second deadline, in addition to the largest grind wall yet to exist in Warframe in terms of content; I wish to discuss exclusively of Melee 2.0 .

        I'm certain everyone had their share of fun in slashing and hacking with the new melee animation, so I will only point out the problems I personally have with it.

1. No longer able to block unless using melee weapon

          Yes, I am aware that the intention is that Tenno should only have the ability to block while wielding melee weapons to create incentive for people to use melee. However, this turns out to be counter productive. It's far too obvious that no matter what, guns are more preferable than melee. Low risk and high reward is something anyone would find enticing. What the Devs tried to do was to add exclusive ability to melee to make it independent. Yet, I found nothing but frustration from not being able to block while wielding my primary or secondary weapon.

2. Cannot wield three melee weapons at once

        Yes yes, "Sword Alone ;" but let's face it, if the Devs are really set on making melee viable and attractive, why the hell not let a Tenno wield Glaive, Dragon Nikana, and Dual Ichor all at once? (Just my preference, switch them out for whatever you like) I am aware that the first issue that stems from this would be clipping weapons. Though, if the Devs simply put restriction on wielding the same type of melee, this would be immediately solved (I am aware of coding/programming that needs to be developed). 

3. Block Animation Transition

          I do not know if this happens to anyone else, but whenever I walk up to a heavy and want to get a quick slash in before block its slam attack, I can never block fast enough. The most ridiculous example is using Dragon Nikana and try to block after one slash animation. I have to return my blade into its sheath, then pull it back out to block, again. I mean... okay, I get it that being flashy is fabulous, but seriously... no. Another issue with this is the exploitation of block button (Those who plays Metal Gear Rising Revengeance before patching know what I'm talking about). One can simply keep his or her finger down on the block button and spam LMB (Channeling) as fast as one can and you will eventually stun your enemy and do a finisher attack. I mean... great, I get to kill things faster, but what's the point of precision in melee and timing skills?

4. Finishing modding a melee weapon and still have 10+ mod points left

        I know for a fact I'm not the only one. Devs knew this will happen with the stance mod slot's introduced, yet never addressed the issue other than a hand wave explanation: "Now you don't need to forma or perhaps even tater your melee weapons anymore." I get the newb-friendly/everyone gets to play ideology behind it, but it feels like a bad excuse to me. Plus, since the Devs are buffing melee weapons... why not buff them with an addition mod slot? It will close some distance in the gap between range and melee weapons.

          That sums up my rant about melee 2.0 and what I want to see changed. I want to know if the community has any other concerns they would like to share.

TL;DR- Just read the sentence after the numbers, and the paragraph above this.

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