aka Green Moriyama

  • I live in The Realm of the Forest
  • I was born on September 6
  • My occupation is Animator, Doctor, School Teacher, Translator, others more...
  • I am the Forest-Guardian Samurai
  • GreenMoriyama

    Hello, Tennos. Moriyama back finally with the second line of "The Scavenge Guide - Road to Hidden Rooms"!!

    Now, now, as you may have noticed, compared to last blog, I have (and will) change how I refer to "hidden rooms". Initially, I referred to them as "secret rooms," and as much as I like calling them that, one lone tenno pointed out the part-irony and part-fraudulent claim within that title. Thus, I'll refer to such rooms as "hidden rooms" appropriately.

    Now, have I forgotten my introduction last blog? Seem like it. Skip if you wish.

    To be brief, I am Moriyama, and I will not be divulging my IGN anytime soon, if ever. In-game, I'm already r16 and have been around since around the start of open beta; sadly I did not get the chance to be in c…

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  • GreenMoriyama

    Hello fellow Tennos...Moriyama here. This is a reposted blog, so certain items are different from my initial blog.

    Before I introduce myself, let me just give a general explanation of what this blog (and possibly blogs) will cover.

    I’m sure many, or at least a part, of the Tenno’s who play the game are aware of “secret rooms” or the hidden cracks in the tilesets that can have special (although not always rewarding) surprises. Usual those who have become bored of normal run-and-gun would seemingly waste their time on this...kind of sad saying so myself.

    . Future blogs will each feature different tilesets and be updated for their tileset alone. Now, hope you all look forward to more blogs about scavenging. Thank you.

    Index of Scavenging:

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