Hello, Tennos. Moriyama back finally with the second line of "The Scavenge Guide - Road to Hidden Rooms"!!

Now, now, as you may have noticed, compared to last blog, I have (and will) change how I refer to "hidden rooms". Initially, I referred to them as "secret rooms," and as much as I like calling them that, one lone tenno pointed out the part-irony and part-fraudulent claim within that title. Thus, I'll refer to such rooms as "hidden rooms" appropriately.


Now, have I forgotten my introduction last blog? Seem like it. Skip if you wish.

To be brief, I am Moriyama, and I will not be divulging my IGN anytime soon, if ever. In-game, I'm already r16 and have been around since around the start of open beta; sadly I did not get the chance to be in closed beta. As you may already know, I'm quite fond of traveling through the tilesets at my leisure. Unless the team I group with are fine with the delays I might cause, I'm normally playing solo aside from events and rush-missions. Extermination missions are my thing for the reason.

Look more to my user page for anymore.


Before going onto today's showcase, may I ask something to everyone? The polls don't enter links in, so look at these two pages for Wit and Detector. And yes, I had to restart the polls too.

How often do you have Thief's Wit and/or Loot Detector on?

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Not that it is necessary to always find the hidden rooms, the two mods above are helpful in finding hidden rooms. In many cases, hidden rooms are not found on the 2D mini-map, so you have to either look around carefully, or just use these mods to speculate their location.

As both of the mods' pages indicate, having 20m vision on the mini-map more than suffices when locating most hidden rooms. Some rooms require keen eyes though, if not.

Grineer Forest

As requested by someone last blog, this blog will showcase the Grineer Forest tileset.

The Grineer Forest tileset is home to an alarm-free yet kubrow filled tileset, set on Earth. Compared to other tilesets, the forest's lush green landscape, streaming waterfalls and brown dirt masks some interest pocket holes that people can explore. Unlike most tilesets though, only a handful of the hidden rooms require any skill to reach.

When reaching ending rooms though, the Grineer Forest is abundant with unique locations. From abandoned storage rooms to rock-blocked pathways, many of the end rooms feature many lockers to venture. But, compared to most tilesets, due to its free landscaping, the Grineer Forest tileset rarely features small rooms, thus requiring good mobility tools if one wants to travel around quickly. Zephyr shines in this location for the reason.

Unlike last blog, I'll just post below pictures of some of these rooms. It's all for the fun of people to either think "Woah, where is that?" or "Oh, I've been there." Enjoy!

  • Now that's one obvious "hidden" room...
  • And well...this is how it looks.
  • god. Why am I standing in water?
  • Tubes...well, this is Earth, so Tyl has no quelms here. Still, where am I...?
  • Seems quite narrow. Gotta squeeze the breasts of this frame through...
  • Spooky...well, this is only one way at looking at this place...
  • Doesn't look less spooky, but from the other side...meh.
  • If they want these crates safe...they need to position the fences better.
  • Behold, the pocket rooms that is easily seen on the mini-map.
  • Pocket room two. How many are there?
  • It's obvious that this is some rooftop. What do the Grineer do during the rain?
  • This is one nifty hidden room up high on the hills...
  • And this is the doorway in...
  • And that's the third look. Yeah, you can ride down that line. Wheee~!
  • Again, this isn't the sealabs, but hey...I'm down in the waters.
  • And in the waters, there seem to be some caches. Cool...
  • My, my, my...looks like an abandoned storage room...

Now there is one special hidden room that hides under a certain lid...can you find it? (Prize may or may not be offered)

Trivia of the Blog

A short informational section before closing the blog up, how many of you notice scratch marks or paint on the walls of given tilesets?

Scratches or paint?

The poll was created at 08:35 on May 19, 2015, and so far 99 people voted.
Paint Mark

Click to enlarge Now, gotta climb up, it seems...

Scratch marks or paint on the wall usually represent something that you can parkour on, whether it be wall running or wall climbing. This also means that for some rooms, this can lead you to places that are not on the main path. Otherwise, it depicts parkour shortcuts across the room.


Thank you for reading this blog and hope you have enjoyed it.

Did you enjoy the blog?

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Now, hope you all look forward to more blogs about scavenging. Thank you for reading and happy scavenging.

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