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  • Grunni

    Weapon pages are all templated to have a section titled "Weapon Loadouts" with two simple lines of text.

    I liked this design choice, because it leaves what can be a very subjective recommendation out of the formal wiki pages and relegates the otherwise valuable information to userpages. Yet having the section there with all its empty spacing is actually good, because it draws attention to the link rather than letting it be obscured by the other text.

    Some Warframes have a similar section on their main page, while some don't. Trinity (Warframe) has a link to Category:Trinity Build, where 7 different guides can be found, but Limbo (Warframe) does not have the section, the category, or any centralized link for existing guides pertaining to him.…

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  • Grunni

    I noticed a while ago that in the Category:Warframe Abilities, not only were the abilities members but also both the Warframe_Name (Warframe) pages that cast them and their respective Warframe_Name/Abilities subpages. I only figured out today, with some explanation from User:brizingr5, that this is because when a page is transcluded, its categories get transcluded as well. As a result, the wiki believes that not only is Ember's Fireball a warframe ability, but Ember herself is a warframe ability. This is especially troublesome because, as it is not a substitution, people who wish to try to fix these erroneous categorizations will not find the offenders in the sidebar or whichever location the visual editor uses (which I don't ever use anymo…

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