Weapon pages are all templated to have a section titled "Weapon Loadouts" with two simple lines of text.

:''Main article: [[:Category:Weapon Build]]''
See the user build section for builds using this weapon.

I liked this design choice, because it leaves what can be a very subjective recommendation out of the formal wiki pages and relegates the otherwise valuable information to userpages. Yet having the section there with all its empty spacing is actually good, because it draws attention to the link rather than letting it be obscured by the other text.

Some Warframes have a similar section on their main page, while some don't. Trinity (Warframe) has a link to Category:Trinity Build, where 7 different guides can be found, but Limbo (Warframe) does not have the section, the category, or any centralized link for existing guides pertaining to him. (This page exists, but nothing exists to lead a reader from the Limbo page to it. (Whether this blog post consitutes a user guide is beyond the point I'm currently trying to illustrate.))

On the flip side, all Warframe pages do contain a tab for the /Info subpage. These pages have no standard to the content inside them, so Mag/Info has a few paragraphs of analysis per skill, while Oberon/Info has a few short sentences that don't really tell much. Mesa/Info is pretty much a useless page entirely.

I propose we can increase the amount of useful Warframe instructions without creating messes of one-liner tidbits of information in lieu of cohesive strategies, and we can do this without doing much top-level work, by instead encouraging users to contribute their own userspace or blogspace guides via a renamed /Guides tab. The tabs' text would echo the Warframe Loadout section (which would be moved to this subpage from the main pages for all Warframes that actually do have this section currently), but include additional text encouraging players to "Add your own guide to this category!" with instructions similar to Category:User Builds right on the subpage.

People usually don't get good at something simply by reading a manual; they need context, explanation, and theory. I think it's inappropriate for the wiki's encyclopedic sections to give that sort of subjective instruction (and in practice, it leads to a hodgepodge of "pro-tips"), but I think it's valuable for the wiki to offer an avenue for players to get that instruction as it's the central resource for the game's players.

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