Most of you guys think, what makes a dojo party fun? It's boring except for the PvP part. Well the dojo is a place to hangout and do some silly things. Here are a few screenshots taken while in Gryphus Tech Corporation 's dojo party 8/17/2013. That party was started as a celebration of us reaching 3rd place in the arid fear event .

Here are a few things to do to have fun in a dojo party:


Skydiving is a fun part of Tenno elevators, the speed of those elevators going down is fast enough for you to jump and stay in the air. Here is a screenshot of multiple warframes skydiving. This can be fun when you're doing a huge party with alot of people stacking in the elevator.

2013-08-17 00069

Clan pictures

It's always fun to gather in large croups and take pictures. It takes lot of organization and typing if you're not using a VoIP program. Sometimes, the blue glow can become annoying but you'll get once right, this is the only picture I got right after around 10-15 pictures taken.

2013-08-17 00037


You can always talk in the clan/alliance chat but it doesn't seem as fun as chatting in a group in the dojo. You can do interactions too like: jumping, teabagging, wallrunning, crouching, etc...

2013-08-17 00067


It's surely the most popular and fun thing to do in the dojo, you can compete with your friends or simply battle whoever is sitting there. The funniest thing is to see a idle player getting mutilated by someone else's Dethcube.

2013-08-17 00012

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