I would like to thank DE for the awesome event that they did, specially because they count the kill we made to make it a competition.

The Frost Prime and the 100K credits are equally awesome!

I'm the warlord of Gryphus Tech Corporation ranked #7 in the list. I would like to thank everyone we played with for helping us by reviving us. Also a big thanks to our clan members who farmed all day long on fusion moas.

I would like to congratulate every clan and players who got in the top 100, it was a great event and I hope there's more of those event in the future.

I would also thank you guys for listening to players so much. You guys are the best game developers i ever heard of. I'm truly sorry that I can't buy founder package but if the game stays for few more years, I may be able to buy something to support you guys :)


Thanks to everybody :)

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