That's a resume of how players manage their abilities in warframe:

You get a warframe, you max its energy capacity and efficiency to the limit, then you pick the ability that is the most useful, you optimize it to the limit, with duration/reach, etc. and as result you are able to spam your best ability often enough to make the game a lot easier, maybe to a point where people will complain about it and lead it to an eventual nerf.

That makes me wonder if things wouldn't be different if we haven't so many tools to improve our abilities...

If you weren’t able to keep Blessing up during most of the missions, but instead use it only in moments of real need, would people ever call it "god mode" and ask for it to be nerfed? Nope.

If the players were only able to use Molecular Prime from time to time, instead of Mpriming everything on sight as it happens now, would people ask for a nerf? Imagine if the Nova user needed to save her ult for that critical point of the mission where those chain explosions would save the whole squad, do you think there would be anyone complaining about kills stolen? I don't think so.

What about Bastille and Snow Globe, if both Frost and Vuban were only able to use those abilities from time to time, and not keeping them up in every single wave in defenses for example, would it make any difference if Bastille held an infinite number of enemies or if Snow Globe blocked all incoming damage? Not really.

The problem about the abilities doesn't lay in the abilities themselves but in how they are used in game, the abilities are meant to be great, they are meant to save your ass, but when you are able to make those abilities so cheap and so powerful, that will always bring exploitations and problems. 

I just wish DE stopped nerfing each frame abilities individually when people are noisy about them and instead attacked the root of the problem: all the mods that affect the abilities and energy, also maybe balancing the abilities cost would be recommendable too, as some third abilities for example are far more used than the ults, so switching positions would help, or breaking the standard costs for abilities and giving them costs accordingly to their effects, like an ability like M prime would have a really high cost, and abilities like blade storm or radial javelin a slightly lower cost.

When I look at how the players use their abilities in the starting levels I feel that's more or less how they are supposed to be, devastating, but still the players needs to actively gather energy to be able to use them, and consequently they better save them to be used in the best situations. Then you compare it to how the average players use them through the rest of the game, spamming ults 24/7.

A min before writing this I was in a T3 survival with my Excal, and with my optimized build I was able to radial blind every enemy in sight, and then shoot them down or melee them just for fun, turning the mission into a walk in the park. Should they nerf Excal as well? What is the frame without a single spammable ability one can exploit?

As that's all my opinion, feel free to agree/disagree below :)

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