Hey Tenno mates

So far the most interesting faction in my opinion is the Grineer, and simply because they have a vast amount of enemy types, and not only light armoured but really high threats, like Bombard, Napalm, Scorch, Eviscerator, Hellion, etc. In the Corpus case, they do not have such diversity, but the MOAs, Drones, and Elite Crewman still make them ok. But what about the Infested? Not even a dozen of enemy types, and how many of them really offer any real threat? Just the Ancients... well maybe the Electric Crawler from time to time... I do think there should be more infested enemies, so they could align with the other factions, I'd like to see an infested with a decent range attack, so we wouldn't just sit and wait til they come near and blow them all away easily, I'm not saying they should lose their main characteristics, just that they are too ingenuous and predictable as they are now... it wouldn't be bad to have a flying one too, or maybe one that could climb and crawl on the walls or the roof, one that would have a different mobility, so you wouldn't just climb a box or any high place and just look down at them without any worries.

Just an addendum: some comments I read recently make me wonder if people would really like new (harder) enemies... it's just that some people seem to think that the Elite Crewmen are umbalanced and should be nerfed, I also read comments about the Napalm and Bombard during the dilemma event, and I even remember people complaining about the Electric Crawler some time ago... Is it just me that thinks the game doesn't offer much of a defiance at some point? I mean everything is better when you're new to the game and all, but after many warframes, weapons, mods, formas and potatoes you find yourself obliged to go to 90+ levels to find any obstacle capable of bothering you... I'd really prefer to find interesting foes in the common level missions than having to do hell level runs against the very same enemies of the low level missions (just with higher stats). But that's me... what do you think?

PS: English isn't my first, or even second language so please absolve me for my poor grammar.

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