With the latest addition to our Tenno Reinforcements, the Akjagara, I think it is time to consider the growing trend in these types of weapons and whether or not it is a positive or negative addition to the game.

This is not about any particular type of Frankenstein Weapon, but simply the idea in general of their continued presence in the game.

There are a few lines of thought in their creation, and why they are here.

They extend the timegate. Why? Now you need to build additional weapons, sometimes weapons you already sold or have an Orokin Catalyst installed, and therefore do not desire to sacrifice to the prospect of a new weapon.

Example: "I already sold my Miter once it was mastered. I did not like the weapon. Now I have to go farm the parts again, build it, and then sacrifice it to make the Panthera."

They require additional weapon slots you may not have, and thus require a platinum purchase to unlock more weapon slots before you can build the new weapon, thus making a choice between purchasing the weapon outright, complete with an Orokin Catalyst... or purchasing weapon slots for a slightly lower cost, but still dealing with the timegate and/or grindwall.

Why are they extended the timegate or grindwall behind more weapons? It is fairly obvious... additional incentive to make a platinum purchase. For either weapon slots or the new weapon itself.

Are the weapons themselves superior to the weapons sacrificed? This is an important question. Would sacrificing a weapon it took a long time to craft/grind for result in a more enjoyable weapon? Or would it just be mastery fodder? Would it be a sidegrade, and if so, worth the time spent on it, or the platinum spent on the weapon slots to craft it?

Do you like the concept of Frankenstein Weapons? Do you believe they could be done better? Do you believe that there is ethical monetization behind their thinking? What changes would you make? What would make a Frankenstein Weapon extremely worth it to you to sink in the kind of time and possibly money to acquire it?

Lone tenno operative (talk)

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