Well melee 2.0 has been out now for a week and i like it very much but my problems with melee 2.0 is that they made a some weapons that i used very bad now/not fun to use with out the stance mod.

For example: The Galatine, it was a very good weapon before melee 2.0 with alone a killing blow it already did around 1000 (i'm not sure anymore) and some elemental mods in it it could one shot many high level enemies and it was fun i think, seeing all those Corpus body's cut in half with a single chop of my sword. When i first loged on when melee 2.0 came out i was excited about what they did, so i took my weapons and warframe in a solo mission to test it out, well i was angry when i found out that they removed charge attacks. So i did go to the wiki and i got even angrier, i saw that you need to farm a stance mod when you want to get melee interesting. So i raged and dropt my Galatine on the floor and runned away half crying because i thought: why nerf a good charge weapon so hard that i want to punche it to get my potato back.....

My friend who is rank 2  thought the same because he still used the skana, he asked me what did they change??? I replied to him: they nerfed my favorite melee weapon so hard that i want to stop playing, because i was one of the few players who did solo runs only with melee because i thought it was so funny and a challenge for me. Now the only thing i can do is a slow combo that looks like the sword is to heavy and that the only option is spinning to win.

The other thing what i don't like is that when you don't have the stance mod for the glaive you can't even throw it. You need the stance mod but a soon as you get it it looks epic, spinning in the air throwing you glaive and catching it after it ripped a Corpus Crewman in half.

Atleast they could have givin a free stance for your melee weapons with one combo. For example they could have givin new players for there skana a stance with not the basic 3 chops in front of you but with a stance with a stab or something like that in it. 

I like the channeling idea tho, it makes it fun when you play Saryn and new players ask you: does that warframe always glow? i laugt my ass of the first time someone asked me. But the thing about that what i don't like is that you lose can lose a lot of energie, i used the wrong build once and it costed 10 energie per hit and i didn't pay attention to my energie bar because i didn't knew that it would be so much. So i died... because i didn't had enough energie for my escape with Saryn her Molt and her ult.

It is a good change but i'm still a little frustated about the Galatine, but i found a replacemen: the dual Ichor, i forgot how fun it was just flying all over the place with the slingshot when you slide and they are good too now because they deal so much damage per hit against a Crewman or Lancer.


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