I just like the fact that DE made mag a good frame again by adding the agument greedy pull but then decided to remove her prime and kick her in the guts while she was laying on the ground by nerfing her greedy pull. Now she is back where she was a few months ago: a frame that has no role in a late game setup. 

And this is not the first time they did this.

Lets have a look at the old excalibur. His Radial Javelin was good, it could hit enemies behind cover in a pretty good radius but to make him really strong you needed atleast some corrupted mods. Then they made his Radial Javelin only deal damage against enemies that he could see and that still wasn't to bad but it was a nerf. Now we have an Excalibur again that is strong, even a little overpowerd with his armor rating of 225. I have to admit i like the changes they did and i really enjoy playing him, with the armor he feels like a true knight and that is what he is supposed to be a melee frame. But i can't help but feel that this is his peak again and he will be nerfed soon.

Don't get me wrong on this but i understand that mag prime needed to be removed from the void drop tables, so that there was a bigger chance to get other and new primes. But it seems a little like they just kick her in the guts with the nerf and the remove from the drop tables at the same time.

So to sum it al up: They removed mag prime and they kick her in the guts, again and they have put the greedy in greedy mag.

Good bye mag prime enjoy your stay in the vault with Frost prime and Excalibur prime.


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