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    The best 'Tank'

    March 16, 2014 by Healed Coyote

    Hello, and  welcome to the test of tanks, where I will compare powers to see the best no guns, no swords.

    (stats listed are based on mostly maximized stats unless specified otherwise)

    The Contestants:Trinity , Roidno, Frosty , Valkyr, and Nyx

    CATAGORY 1: Damage consumption(how many bullets can you eat before you flop)

    • trinity gets 28 seconds of invincability 
    • Rhino has 2748 damage absorbtion
    • Frost: 8540 bullet bubble
    • Valkyr has 4529 effective health and 77 seconds of invulnerability(with health generation on hits)
    • Nyx: approx 25 sec invincability

    CATAGORY 2: Aggro pool(keep evil sharp things away from squishy team mates)

    • Trinity:none
    • Rhino: none
    • Frost: none
    • Valkyr: not much
    • Nyx: yes everything wants to shoot it

    CATEGORY 3: Crowd Control(what angry mob?)

    • trin…
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    UPDATE 12.4.0

    March 6, 2014 by Healed Coyote


    · Grineer Shipyards tile set revealed with new “Hijack” game mode & Tethra’s Doom event!

    · New Prime items in the Void!

    Rhino Prime

    Ankyros Prime

    Boltor Prime

    AkBronco Prime

    · 2x new Alternate helmets (Valkyr, Oberon)

    · New Corpus Crewmen voices are here! They now have their own language and a whole new style as voted by the Design Council!


    · Changes to Void/Derelict Mission rewards to include new Prime gear. Locations of where new gear is being placed is listed on our forums, and will be fully unveiled in the coming weeks as the new items are discovered:

    · Note: Orokin Derelict Defense has had all Credit Rewards removed from rotation with this Update. R…

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    Retire or Buff?

    February 4, 2014 by Healed Coyote

    So we all know of the 'crap' weapons such as the Bo, Sicarus, or Viper. should we have a mass funeral or an overhaul since damage 2.0 changed a lot of them.

    I mean the default machete and ether sword were booted and we still got the machete wraith

    So what do you think needs a boot?

    Or needs a super-buff?

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    Dojo Weapon Testing...

    December 19, 2013 by Healed Coyote

    We've all had those weapons that we look at in the market and look fantastic, we grab the BP and throw a catalyst on it and... realize its crap and cant do anything about it other than sell it. So if the dojo had an arsenal thet we could try out someone elses weapons.

    They would have to be in the clan, and have to interact with a terminal, bring up a UI and be able to allow others in the dojo to use it. I also think that the mod sets should be viewable along with the catalyst/forma some of us do have all the weapons unlocked and sold them and are recorded as used but won't be applicable to the dojo arsonal considering they are not in the inventory.

    TL:DR Clans should get a try before you buy

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    Dojo Restraints

    December 12, 2013 by Healed Coyote

    Have you guys noticed that in the dojo the warframe animations and the anims in the dojo show that the frames are trying to use their powers but are some how limitted like the Rhino is trying to apply Iron Skin but can't. and powers and weapons can only be used in one room, is it personal restraint or something else? I mean a volt cant even use his speed boost in the speed test, why not?

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