Hello, and  welcome to the test of tanks, where I will compare powers to see the best no guns, no swords.

(stats listed are based on mostly maximized stats unless specified otherwise)

The Contestants:Trinity , Roidno, FrostyValkyr, and Nyx

CATAGORY 1: Damage consumption(how many bullets can you eat before you flop)

  • trinity gets 28 seconds of invincability 
  • Rhino has 2748 damage absorbtion
  • Frost: 8540 bullet bubble
  • Valkyr has 4529 effective health and 77 seconds of invulnerability(with health generation on hits)
  • Nyx: approx 25 sec invincability

CATAGORY 2: Aggro pool(keep evil sharp things away from squishy team mates)

  • Trinity:none
  • Rhino: none
  • Frost: none
  • Valkyr: not much
  • Nyx: yes everything wants to shoot it

CATEGORY 3: Crowd Control(what angry mob?)

  • trinity: not much other than links reaplication of bullets
  • Rhino: 1832 dmg, 8 second stasis
  • Frost: 3660 DMG
  • Valkyr: 8 times the half your shields (but she doesn't have shields so its a small stun)
  • Nyx: make all the enemies in room fight eachother, or all things shoot you and multiply your output along with ragdolling most enemies with 3435+ DMG

So this leads me to say Valkyr and Nyx are the best tanks: Hysteria 77 seconds of nearly pure invulnerabilityand 4x multiplier to your melee, and absorb gives 25 seconds of true invincibility with the best C.C.s in the game as it scales up with the enemy levels and becomes more powerful as they come in greater numbers.

(note best tank does not mean most fun tank)

P.S. Zephyr and Saryn are not on here for lack of  aggro pull abilities. Granted Zephyr may have a dmg reduction move it does not mean she should run into a group of butchers... And moult is more of a pet than her taking damage to herself, so that's why they aren't on here. stop being so butthurt, please.