• I live in a place where I can use my laptop.
  • I was born on December 11
  • I am Male
  • HellJester

    Once more I come to the wikia with a video in hand. Hello.

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  • HellJester

    Hello there people of the brilliant wikia. I am datsflaze/HellJester/EnDleSsPhantom. And I bring you my terrible IANS video on the 24th Warframe devstream thing.

    So...yeah, I missed some stuff and some other stuff and thing and stuff, but I got melee 2.0 and most of the stuff...I think. Lowered the audio levels of the music a lot, because apparently I was sleepy, as I am now...and I should be, as it is 3am for me right now.

    I apologize for some mispronunciations. Three reasons....or excuses.

    1. It was my third try, meaning I was talking for 30 - 40 minutes. A single attempt usually makes my vocal chords acke anyways.

    2. My computer that loves to make a lot of noise

    3. My microphone that seems to hate m…

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  • HellJester

    Unfortunately, I come once more to this peaceful village known as the Warframe wikia to (kind of) force people to watch my (borderline dreadful) videos.

    As requested, I have removed that bit where I explained stuffz in the IANS series and slapped it into the description, because apparently that's a thing. As I finish typing this post on the wikia listening to Lets Be Friends - Manslaughter, I feel like I have a bunch of excess energy from the song.

    Time to visit the peoplezorz of the forums, I'm sure they'll welcome me with open arms. Either that or I just go ahead and shamelessly spam my video over there.

    EDIT: After seeing how detailed the wikia page is on the livestream...I feel...crushed. WHAT IS …

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  • HellJester

    hui!!! Alright, I absolutely failed hard this time. Not only did I miss two weapons for G&I, I also was 2 days late for the IANS video. 

    Anyways, the In A Nutshell series is one where I take the information from the 1 hour livestreams and put them in 8 - 12 minute videos.

    I haven't made a video in a while, so a few parts will sound a bit...awkward. Feedback would be appreciated.

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  • HellJester

    Harro durr peoples of the wikia! I make a series of videos where I take the 1 hour long livestreams and bash the information from them into 10 minute-ish videos.

    No idea why my mic recorded much louder than in previous videos, it took me a while to reduce the volume of all the parts that were too loud.

    Anyways, feedback appreciated! c:

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