Hello there people of the brilliant wikia. I am datsflaze/HellJester/EnDleSsPhantom. And I bring you my terrible IANS video on the 24th Warframe devstream thing.

So...yeah, I missed some stuff and some other stuff and thing and stuff, but I got melee 2.0 and most of the stuff...I think. Lowered the audio levels of the music a lot, because apparently I was sleepy, as I am now...and I should be, as it is 3am for me right now.

I apologize for some mispronunciations. Three reasons....or excuses.

1. It was my third try, meaning I was talking for 30 - 40 minutes. A single attempt usually makes my vocal chords acke anyways.

2. My computer that loves to make a lot of noise

3. My microphone that seems to hate my computer 

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