• Hex Artist

    Lore version 1.2

    -Rank Hierarchy-

    Architect- There could only be 2 and promotion to this rank is only chosen by an existing architect who shares the same philosophy to rule.

    Exemplar- there could only be 3, And governs the oracle status. Promotion to this rank could only be initiated by challenge and  and could only be a tenno from Nightingale status.

    Nightingale- embodies the way of the true owls, there could only be 12 and promotion to this rank may come from any lower hierarchy by challenge for the position.

    Seers- An independent social class that governs the welfare of thealliance interactions and clan research facilities.There could be as many seers and promotion to this rank is specially chosen by existing seers only.

    Oracle- Royal guards …

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  • Hex Artist

    Frame types are coded based on builds and is categorized by its effectivity and viability to work on a group rather than their individual strengths.

    Divided into main function indicated by capped letters (A,B,C)

    And sub functions (a,b,c). Its dominant function is "main" while secondary is "sub".

    Type A: damage and solo oriented frames.

    ex; excalibur, mesa

    Type B: support

    ex; Trinity

    Type C: utility

    Loki, nekros, excalibur(radial blind builds)

    Sub functions are indicated by small letters followed by its main function

    Examples are:

    type aB:

    Oberon(focus abilities: reckoning, renewal)

    Type cB:

    Oberon (focus abilities: hallowed ground, renewal)

    Type aC:

    Frost (focus abilities: snow globe, ice wave)

    Type cA:

    Mesa (focus ability: shooting gallery)

    While it is arguable whi…

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