Architect's formulated clan coding on frame types-draft 1-

Frame types are coded based on builds and is categorized by its effectivity and viability to work on a group rather than their individual strengths.

Divided into main function indicated by capped letters (A,B,C)

And sub functions (a,b,c). Its dominant function is "main" while secondary is "sub".

Type A: damage and solo oriented frames.

ex; excalibur, mesa

Type B: support

ex; Trinity

Type C: utility

Loki, nekros, excalibur(radial blind builds)

Sub functions are indicated by small letters followed by its main function

Examples are:

type aB:

Oberon(focus abilities: reckoning, renewal)

Type cB:

Oberon (focus abilities: hallowed ground, renewal)

Type aC:

Frost (focus abilities: snow globe, ice wave)

Type cA:

Mesa (focus ability: shooting gallery)

While it is arguable which buffs are utility or support, we can deduce its function in two separate groups.

Internal and external.

Internal buffs are that of which influences passive attributes like health and energy pool, that including armor and the likes.

With these information we can say that a trinity that focuses on replenishing energy and restoring lost health is pure type B.

An oberon that focuses only on renewal however could never be purely type B because of its effectivity, thus making this function a "sub b" class.

External buffs are that of which influences active attributes like: damage amplification, movement speed and sprint speed, etc.

A volt that focuses on electric shield and speed is a pure type C. While mesa that focuses on shooting gallery that amplifies damage doesn't make it pure type C.

Because its function is to amplify damage then inflict damage.

Simply because its function is to multiply its damage by a percent.

And its main function is to damage (type A), with the help of amplification( type c),

Main function A, sub function c. That makes this mesa type cA.

However, buffs are not the only arguable in its function. While most skills that inflicts damage are external, there are minor conflicts from which it is hard to determine whether it is Damage or utility. Just keep in mind which dominant feature and/or function is more useful.

while an oberon's hallowed ground inflicts damage, its main function is to hold a position while gaining +20% active armor from the base armor stats if standing in its effective area.

And buffing armor in a percentage to help increase effective health is much more helpful than a few hundreds of damage, thus making this particular oberon that focuses on hallowed ground and renewal a type cB.

Protective abilities like snow globe, electric shield, and bastille are utility abilities.

Most abilities that affects enemies negatively are utility; like Sound wave, and molecular prime, even if augmented with a sub function to inflict damage like an augment for radial disarm.

However, a vauban's vortex works differently.

It works in 2 different utility functions(pull enemies in its effective area and induce blast damage) making the area defensible.

It is a highly defensive ability in most cases. But the functions are utility and damage.

Making this particular vauban a type cA, or aC

Depending on build maximization.

The list could go on,

But the main logic of this coding is to help categorize one's ability and features to effectively work on a group,

Identifying the quality of an ability's function(s),

And also identifying which and what type of function it makes.

While this observation may and could be subjective and contents still debatable,

I encourage every strigs to contribute to this table regardless of rank.

True Strength in Unity, compassion, and wisdom.

-1st Architect of the U15 Era, HexArtist.

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