Lore version 1.2

-Rank Hierarchy-

Architect- There could only be 2 and promotion to this rank is only chosen by an existing architect who shares the same philosophy to rule.

Exemplar- there could only be 3, And governs the oracle status. Promotion to this rank could only be initiated by challenge and  and could only be a tenno from Nightingale status.

Nightingale- embodies the way of the true owls, there could only be 12 and promotion to this rank may come from any lower hierarchy by challenge for the position.

Seers- An independent social class that governs the welfare of thealliance interactions and clan research facilities.There could be as many seers and promotion to this rank is specially chosen by existing seers only.

Oracle- Royal guards of the exemplar status,Helps new players to achieve true enlightenment. Exemplars must choose 2 best candidates from watcher status and engage in a duel for the position.

Watcher- The only status  that has the power to vote and petition a demotion for higher rankers from exemplar to seer which they deem unworthy of their status.

Monad- A probation status appointed temporarily.

-Clan rank promotion system-

There could only be 2 architects and may only transcend fromExemplar status and could only be chosen by an existing architect.

There could only be 3 Exemplars, and could only transcend from nightingale status. Promotions are initiated by challenge only and must have an  Architect to witness to be official. If an exemplar lost, He will remain in monad status for 3 days until he may choose a petition for a revenge bout and reclaim the rank or choose to be demoted to seer. If the nightingale lost the ranking match he petitioned, he must be demoted back to watcher status. If the promoted Exemplar [nightingale that won the bout] Wins the revenge petition, he gains immunity to challenge from his rival. If he loses, he may choose to serve as an oracle or retire in the ranks of seer if they allow it.

There could only be 12 Nightingales and could transcend from any status in lower hierarchy. Promotion to this rank is also challenge basis only and must have an Architect or Exemplar and other existing nightingales as witness to be official. A losing nightingale must roll back to watcher status and no revenge petition is allowed

Seers are specially chosen by existing seers only. there is no population limit to this rank.

Oracle could only come from watcher status that fit promotion and 2 candidates must be chosen by Exemplars. The candidates must fight in a duel to win the position.

Watchers can petition a promotion after reaching mastery rank 5.

-Special cases-

While seer is an independent status that has no population limit, There must always be 7 seers in its council. Seers have the power to deny an exemplar that lost its status to their ranks if they don't like the said exemplar. Every decision that seers are entitled to must have a minimum of 2/3 of its council to an be official agreement before an existing architect consider any action. A denied ex-exemplar must step down to watcher status.

Every challenge must be petitioned first. A challenge cannot be turned down. Every challenge has a condition that must be met, always set by an existing architect and ocassionally an exemplar. (i.e pistol only, melee only, no ability, etc.) These conditions must be met and any violation(s) that results to winning voids the match and requires to restart the round.

Any free slots for nightingale And Exemplar status will be Decided by tournament. Anyone could join as long as they meet the necessary requirements.

An exemplar or a nightingale is allowed to a pardon appointed by an existing architect that instead of falling back to watcher status, He may join the ranks of Oracles. A pardon is a task that must be finished within a given time or else voided.

A challenge petition has a tax of 500000 credits. (Revenge petition has no tax.)

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