• Howard9os

    We need to fix the trade system. Having a text screen of quotes of who's buying or selling doesn't work well. When you text what you want to trade other texts quickly drown you out. Plus not all of us want to spend minutes or hours dealing with it. My solution is the trade kiosk can be used to put your item on a list similar to DC unverse online. DC universe online trading system might not be the best, but its much easier to find and trade what you want. You put what your selling in and what you want for it, creds, platniums, parts etc. While your waiting for a buyer you can just play the game. When someone buys your item you'll get a mail with your earned stuff. Buying is similar select item you want, pay the listed price and its yours. T…

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  • Howard9os

    Epic cursed perk mods

    March 12, 2014 by Howard9os

    Why don't they create some epic cursed perk mods. Similar to corrupted, but drastically alters gameplay. It works like auras, but you get no frame points or cost and it only affects you. You can only equip one or the other. For instance one mod doubles damage against all enemies from all powers and weapons, but reduces health/shields by half. Another example increases all movement speed by 50%, but have no armor. It can also affect you outside of combat. Like when you get a mission reward you can lose everything else to change it to a random different mission type reward, like a frame helm for a frame systems, has to be a possible mission reward.

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  • Howard9os

    Rambo warframe idea

    March 9, 2014 by Howard9os

    Give it a gun related name like lead 

    Lead will have high armor and health but low shields.

    Power 1 - steal one enemy's ammo to replenish your own and force the enemy to reload,leaving a brief attack opportunity. Similar to loki's radial disarm, but it affects one foe and gives you ammo, best for bullet guzzlers like boar prime and wraith twin vipers.

    Power 2 - next shot fired explodes and knocks enemies down 

    Power 3 - current clip shots will auto hit enemies even normally missed shots, aka homing shots, no extra damage though.

    Power 4 - all shots you and squad mates fire are automatic critical hits with min of +50% damage up to +200% damage. Cannot be combined with power 3, using one will end the other.

    alternative power 4 - squad gets plus 25…

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  • Howard9os

    We need harder normal levels, the levels you don't need an item or event to get to.

    Like maybe some missions hovering the sun, a gigantic vessel, or a new solar system to mess with.

    Also new void levels, like morphing a key to make a nightmarish version.

    A new mode like death mode, 1 life, no revives or bleed out time, enemies set to lvl 40 to lvl 100.

    Add new loot to even the odds, and perfect.

    New unit ideas alright,

    Rampager - huge hulking grieener that will knock you down constantly with tackles or grab your neck and slam you in the ground, high health and defense.

    Upgrader - female corpus (corpus faction needs some ladies) that permanently upgrades unit abilites, weapons and revives units one at a time in 10 second intervals.Example - shield…

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  • Howard9os

    Let's put ideas for weapons down.

    1. The Hunter-shotgun does 200 x 20 damage per shot,  accurate and long range like a sniper rifle. Consumes 20 ammo a shot, which is the entire clip. Takes 10 seconds to reload. Designed for powerful enemies not groups of enemies. 

    2. Thruster javelins - secondary weapon that is thrown and goes through multiple enemies ignoring armor/shields. Slow fire rate of 0.7, only 40 shots total, uses sniper clips that give only 2 ammo.

    3. Shocking spike hammer - corpus hammer injects spikes with normal attacks, charged attack detonates spikes for electrical damage in addition to charged attack.

    4. Infected skull - sniper rifle that does pathetic normal attacks, but massive headshot damage, if target lives from headshot …

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