We need to fix the trade system. Having a text screen of quotes of who's buying or selling doesn't work well. When you text what you want to trade other texts quickly drown you out. Plus not all of us want to spend minutes or hours dealing with it. My solution is the trade kiosk can be used to put your item on a list similar to DC unverse online. DC universe online trading system might not be the best, but its much easier to find and trade what you want. You put what your selling in and what you want for it, creds, platniums, parts etc. While your waiting for a buyer you can just play the game. When someone buys your item you'll get a mail with your earned stuff. Buying is similar select item you want, pay the listed price and its yours. This will also make it harder for troll merchants to rip you off. 

This is just my opinion, if you have better ideas post them.

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