Let's put ideas for weapons down.

1. The Hunter-shotgun does 200 x 20 damage per shot,  accurate and long range like a sniper rifle. Consumes 20 ammo a shot, which is the entire clip. Takes 10 seconds to reload. Designed for powerful enemies not groups of enemies. 

2. Thruster javelins - secondary weapon that is thrown and goes through multiple enemies ignoring armor/shields. Slow fire rate of 0.7, only 40 shots total, uses sniper clips that give only 2 ammo.

3. Shocking spike hammer - corpus hammer injects spikes with normal attacks, charged attack detonates spikes for electrical damage in addition to charged attack.

4. Infected skull - sniper rifle that does pathetic normal attacks, but massive headshot damage, if target lives from headshot it goes berserk. If it dies from headshot its head explodes in a noxious gas cloud, damaging nearby enemies.

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