• Hunter6543

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've made a blog post. I was just browsing some weapons and I started seeing people ranting saying "PLZ NERF" and "2OP4ME!". But the thing is, if we continue to nerf our weapons we'll end up with useless ones and none to end-game. 

    That's why I suggest damage scaling. If you've ever played Guild Wars 2 you'll understand what I mean. And for you who haven't, it's basically that the damage of the weapon scales with the enemy level. So if you play on Mercury you won't just mow it down the second you see it, but actually make it a challenge all the way.

    Now, we still want weapons that demolish enemies, right? And we still want hard-to-get weapons to be better than easy-to-get weapons. So maybe it should be, I don't k…

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  • Hunter6543

    I was playing Hydra, Pluto when suddenly my Carrier shoots a Mine Osphrey (Hydra is Infested)! When I came to the next room a Charger was fighting two Mine Osphreys and a Crewman! After I captured the target MOA's started popping out of the walls and Ancients chased me and I was like: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

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  • Hunter6543

    Stealth mode?

    September 11, 2013 by Hunter6543

    I was playing and thinking about how OP Despair/Kunai and Shuriken really is... I get the deal that they're supposed to be silent and quickly take out enemies, but they mainly get used to just spam enemies everywhere... So I was thinking about, why not make a option called Stealth? When in stealth mode, all the silent weapons(Kunai/Despair/Skuriken etc) get the damage they have now, while playing with others the damage goes down 30% or something? And if playing while stealth you get a higher chance of mod drops/more affinity. And the 30% less damage also happens if you get on the sensor to avoid abusing? I don't know, but it was just a basic thought.

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  • Hunter6543

    Timebending Warframe

    August 22, 2013 by Hunter6543

    Hey guys, I was just playing around when I got this idea about a new Warframe! A Warframe that basically can bend time! I was wondering if I wanted to call him Vicis or Tempus, both latin for time, or Chronos as in Titan from Greek mythology.


    Health 100

    Shield: 100

    Energy: 150

    Armor: 75


    System Stop

    1. Cost: 25

    Warframe stops all systems in a single enemy, stunning and dealing moderate damage.

    Range:20/25/30/35. Can be increased by Stretch.

    Strength: 300/400/500/600 damage. Can be increased by Focus.


    Temporal Flux

    1. Cost: 25

    Warframe ages and anti ages enemy stunning and dealing damage for 5 seconds.

    Strength: 200/250/300 damage per second.

    Fast Forward

    2. Cost: 50

    Increases firing rate and decrease reload speed for all teammates.


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