Hey guys, I was just playing around when I got this idea about a new Warframe! A Warframe that basically can bend time! I was wondering if I wanted to call him Vicis or Tempus, both latin for time, or Chronos as in Titan from Greek mythology.


Health 100

Shield: 100

Energy: 150

Armor: 75


System Stop

1. Cost: 25

Warframe stops all systems in a single enemy, stunning and dealing moderate damage.

Range:20/25/30/35. Can be increased by Stretch.

Strength: 300/400/500/600 damage. Can be increased by Focus.


Temporal Flux

1. Cost: 25

Warframe ages and anti ages enemy stunning and dealing damage for 5 seconds.

Strength: 200/250/300 damage per second.

Fast Forward

2. Cost: 50

Increases firing rate and decrease reload speed for all teammates.

Duration: 5/10/15 seconds. Can be increased with Continuity.

Strength: 10%/15%/20%/30%. Can be increased with Focus.

Radius: 10/15/25 meters. Can be increased with Stretch.


Time Lock

2. Cost: 50

Locks time in certain area causing all projectiles and enemies to stop in their tracks.

Range: 10/15/20 meters. Can be increased with Stretch.

Duration: 15/20/30 seconds.

Time Bend

3. Cost: 75

Warframe slows down time making all enemies move, attack and fire shots 50% slower. Downed allies bleed out time also decreases!

Radius: 10/15/20/30 metres. Can be increased with Stretch.


Time Displacement

3. Cost: 75

Warframe speeds up molecules in friendly Tennos making them invisibile too enemies.

Duration: 15/20/30 seconds

Time Stop

4. Cost: 100

Warframe stops time, making everyone except allies to stop moving. Counts for the current tile set.

Duration: 5/10/15/20 seconds. Can be increased by Continuity.


Sands of Time

4. Cost: 100

Warframe rapidly ages enemies in causing them to take massive damage.

Strength: 500/500/750 damage per second. 

Duration: 4 seconds. Can't be increased by Continuity.

This is just my basic thoughts, I thought this could be a more community made Warframe, so you can make sketches and come with ideas! Just don't be a dick :D

All my second ideas of abilities comes from CrypticCode,so all credz for them to you :D

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