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  • HuzzyWuzzy

    mind my grammer and spelling ive got Dislexia

    EDIT: the recent patch fixed the jump bug with emotes but the wall glitch still works

    So the hubs opned up to the mastery rank 10s+ recnetly and while looking at all the stuff there me and a few buddys were messing around when we found a bug with the emotes.

    it goes like this start doing an emote (longer ones make it eaiser) then do a roll and start mashing your jump button youell start floating up. ofcourse we saw this as harmless fun till one guy says "holy crap ive cliped though the suda room wall" so eventully me and my buddys wokrout how to get it to work again and after we combined the glitchys we found this unfinished area

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  • HuzzyWuzzy

    after going though the huge text dump of the overview of Devstream 41 im getting especcily excited for theses hubs that are incomeing (mosly for the void trader). heres a few of the screen shots from the new hubs. and the new slightly moldy and rotten saled.

    redveil one makes me quite curious its almost as if they love the infested in some strange way

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