mind my grammer and spelling ive got Dislexia

EDIT: the recent patch fixed the jump bug with emotes but the wall glitch still works

So the hubs opned up to the mastery rank 10s+ recnetly and while looking at all the stuff there me and a few buddys were messing around when we found a bug with the emotes.

it goes like this start doing an emote (longer ones make it eaiser) then do a roll and start mashing your jump button youell start floating up. ofcourse we saw this as harmless fun till one guy says "holy crap ive cliped though the suda room wall" so eventully me and my buddys wokrout how to get it to work again and after we combined the glitchys we found this unfinished area

The room had 4 doorways without any doors and 2 tubes that led into a bottmeless pit so after a bit of looking a round we worked out thats this hole

2014 12 02 00024 by huztar-d88eslf

Hole in the hidden room

was connected with this

2014 12 02 00034 by huztar-d88esih

blocked off entrance into the room on the north side of the hub

2014 12 02 00029 by huztar-d88eska

view of the same tube from outside the map

we assume its basicly an elvator that lifts you up and down from the room but we couldent work out at all what the rooms doors would lead to

so speculate everyone where could these 4 doorways lead to what could be put there

Also sadly yes we did try and get into the room at the north side of the hub but sadly there was no room at all there and we just fell out of the map


Here is basicly how to clip though the walls of the map

goto this wall in the suda room
2014 12 02 00025 by huztar-d88esl5

Then run up that wall and while running up quickly turn to your right

when you hit the top of the wall and begin to fall. do a air dash if you do it right you will end up here.

2014 12 02 00027 by huztar-d88eskt

After that face the black wall infount of you adjasent to the suda room and do the emote glitch that allows you to gain crazy Hight (reccomned doing it with an emote that lasts longer like meditaion)

2014 12 02 00028 by huztar-d88eskj

if all is done and right you should end up here and then you can explore the wierdness of what DE hasent quite finished yet.

carefull though it is very easy to get stuck between walls if you move around too carelessly but if you do fall though the map you will simpley be put back in the closest reset point on the map


Here is just a few other things i found along the way while hunting around the outside of the hub.

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