Hello Tenno and I'm here to make a blog offering advice and some insight that I've gained from playing this game. These tips are generals rules that are helpful to keep in mind when choosing weapons and frames. They aren't instant cheats to make the game easier, but instead are universal guidelines that any player can make use out of.

Before I begin I have a few things that I would like to ask of anyone who decides to read this.

  • I am by no means an expert on this game. This is subjective mostly but if I am off on any statistic, damage, etc. Please let me know we all make mistakes and I am no different.
  • This blog will be open to any commenter. Whether it's questions or you have some of your own insight to add. All of it is welcome, as long as you can intelligently back your claim. 
  • WARNING!!! This blog will be a wall of text, I'll do my best to keep it neat and organized. But I don't want to see TL; DR(Too Long Didn't Read) written in the comments. People can spend a decent amount of time writing a blog, and I find it disrepectful when someone doesn't read it and complains about it being too long in the comments. If you can't hold your attention long enough to read this, then go back to reading Cat in the Hat, I have no patience for people that gripe about the length without reading the blog.
  • Finally some of this may seem obvious to you, but might not to another player. As I said all opinions are welcome, as well as all questions. Lets keep things classy guys. Avoid the insults, and lets try to use proper grammar and spelling. I'm not expecting a mid-term paper, but make an attempt to spell things out and sound somewhat intellectual. Believe it or not crappy spelling and grammar comes off as unintelligent. 
  • With all of that being addressed lets get started.

Beginning of the Game

As you begin the game you'll play through the first few nodes on mercury after your tutorial. Once you get down the controls and mod system you might start looking at other frames and weapons. Now when I began update 7 dropped, and there wasn't near as many frames or weapons as there are now. I can't imagine what it's like for new players trying to pick and choose. If you're that new player keep a couple of things in mind.
  1. Do your research- Before you pick any frame or weapon, look here on the wiki on what you might be interested in. Look at the skills, stats, and what other players have to say about a paticular frame.
  2. Every frame, and weapon is viable- If someone tells you a frame is OP or terrible without any justification as to why. They aren't just wrong they're stupid. I own every frame and I see potential in every single one. It just comes down to playstyle. All it takes is a potato, and forma. On frames though a maxxed out aura mod with the right polarity can replace forma to a certain extent. Same goes to weapons minus the aura.
  3. Don't forget about your potato's and formas- I see players always ask, "should I put a reactor/catalyst or a forma on this frame/weapon?" or "Know any good non-potato, non-forma builds?" My answer is that if you like it put a potato on it, if you love it put forma into it. Potato's and formas do so much in making a weapon better. If you plan on using a paticular weapon/frame investing those resources is a no-brainer.

Now the next step once you have your gear figured out, is to progress in the game. Getting bigger and badder gear and going farther and farther on missions.

Progression into Endgame; Discerning the Myths from the Realities

At this time the point is to progress into higher levels. Many have ideas on how to go about it, and insure their success. There are also a lot of misconceptions on this topic as well. I've learned a few things here as well, and I'll share it with all of you.

  1. Never, ever rely on frames skills for damage on high levels- Weapons should do it, not skills. Skills are for utility. Warframe powers are only capable of having their damage increased via two mods. Focus and blind rage. Some that have DOT can be improved via duration mods. However even with those mods you have 5 or so mods that can improve the damage, but some of those are corrupted mods that have draw backs, and unless you have all of them equipped and maxxed out you'll be suffering in some areas on your skill. 
  2. Weapons do the damage in endgame- Weapons can have anywhere from 10-15 mods that can increase damage depending on the type of weapon. There are 3 physical damage type mods, 4 basic element mods, a raw damage mod, and an assortment of nightmare, dual-stat, and corrupted mods. Guns also have multishot that  can further the damage by firing more bullets. In short you can get way more damage out of weapons then you can warframe skills.

Using weapons and the Problems of DPS

Now warframes are important, but don't forget about your weapons. Here's some tips on finding the right weapon for you.

  1. All weapons have a place in this game- As I said earlier it comes down to preference and playstyle. Some might just take more forma than others. It's also important to keep the time and place in mind. A paticular weapon might be more suited for a paticular situation than others.
  2. DPS isn't the end all for determing the effectiveness of weapons- For people who don't know DPS is a rate it stands for damage per second. It's based off of raw damage, firerate, and reload speed. It might be useful for players comparing similar weapons, but hear are a few issue with it.
  • DPS often is given by some player commenting some number in the comments of a weapon page. Many times players forget to multiply things properly and the rate is inaccurate. I'm sure however there is a page that gives/calculates those values.
  • DPS is a raw damage value, it doesn't factor damage multipliers from factions. I remember a blog a while back where a player didn't factor this into testing the damage types from damage 2.0. Long story short he didn't use a balanced weapon as far as slash, impact and puncture go and the results were skewed from it. A weapon(hypothetical) with 20k+DPS might sound appealing, but it won't excel against high level grineer due to it having mostly slash damage. Armor on grineer lowers slash damage so you have to look at what elements it does. DPS can't also perfectly predict crit rates, you can input those values but it still isn't absolute. Finally it's assuming that your gun will be constantly firing and hit something with every bullet, every time. This is unrealistic and you'll go through you're ammo very quickly. 

Those are just some things regarding DPS, when looking for weapons here are a couple of more hints.

  • Damage 2.0 has made weapons and even frames somewhat very niche based. Many weapons will have 75%-85% dedicated to punture, slash or impact damage. This correlates to grineer, infested, and corpus making many weapons specialized for certain scenarios. Pay close attention to the damage types of a weapon before building it.
  • Weapons that do elemental damage are very versatile- You can change the elements to fit the a different faction easier. And their damage isn't broken up, making them better for all around use.

Those are a few tips that I have for players trying to find a better understanding in Warframe. If you have some advice or anything to add to any of my points please speak out. If you have any questions dont' be afraid to ask, I'll do my best to answer or another person can as well. Sorry I spent a lot of time talking about weapons over frames. If you have any questions over a paticular frame, you can ask me I do own them all and have used them enought times to have a basic understanding of their overall playstyle. I'm not an expert nor do I want that title. I do admit that I'm not right all the time. So if you have any criticism I'm open to hear it, but keep it friendly.

I appreciate all of you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions for me you can message me in game or in forums. My IGN is Primox. Like always if you ever want to run missions with me shoot me a buddy request my friends list is always open.

Good luck and Happy Hunting Tenno

With much love and respect

Hyperion III/Primox

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