Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a blog and ask what you all use for your favorite weapons and frames. Feel free to comment below and list what you use, and why you enjoy that frame and/or weapon. It's always cool to hear other peoples ideas and styles, and maybe I can pick up a few things that I never thought of before. As for my favorite frames and weapons, I'll list them.

Frames- Nova, Ash, Rhino, and Frost. I like nova and ash for speed. Ash is deadly with blade storm and shuriken. He also has a little bit of stealth which can help out greatly. I like nova for her ability to clear out rooms. If I go on a tough map solo I usually like to take nova because she can clear rooms quickly with molecular prime. I use frost and rhino for defense missions and to tank with. Frost has a couple of decent offensive skills and snowglobe gives him good utility for your squad on defense missions or whenever I'm in a bind. I like rhino for the same reason, it's nice to get in a big tanky frame and outlast the enemy. He's one of the few frames that I can find use for all four skills on any map, which gives me all kinds of versatility.

Primaries-It varies on what I want for a paticular mission

Boltor-This is my favorite assault rifle so far. I hear how the soma and energy weapons are great, but this has armor ignore which I really enjoy for tough grineer and infested ancient. It's a good utility gun for me, and I can put it to good use in any scenario. 

Torid-I really enjoy using this with my vauban. The stackable dot clouds on vortex are devastating, and with that combo I can help my team go deap into an infested defense run.

Paris and Vectis-I like the paris due to thunderbolt, without an ogris this is the next best thing. It's nice to have a sniper weapon that can also clear mobs, in later levels it tends to not shine so much, and that is why I like the vectis. It has good damage and crit % despite having only one shot this is an awesome single target weapon in the game.

Strun Wraith-I'm really glad I got this from the survival event, this gun is a beast. I use it mostly on my rhino. The nature of rhino puts me right in front of the enemies, and this gun allows me to blow them away. I can still make quick work of level 50 enemies with this gun. It has good clip size, fire rate and reload speed. The only thing that I really notice is that the Hek has better range, and if you're trying to snipe with a shotgun you got bigger problems.

Secondary-Sadly I'm lacking here usually I don't use secondaries, but they're all solid in my opinion and I enjoy them when I do use them.

Dual Gremlins-Much like the boltor this has armor ignore and that becomes important quicky. The fire rate and reload speed make it a solid rapid fire secondary. I like to have it for frames like banshee when things get tough and I need a good weapon to take down enemies up close.

Kunai-I like this for similar reasons to the gremlins. It fires quick and hard. Not to mention the fire rate and reload speed are excellent. I haven't tried the despair yet, but I'm waiting for it to drop from the stalker. Hopefully I can upgrade to those soon.

Dual Broncos-I don't use these as much but I like them for when enemies get up and close. They're like mini-shotguns and they deal pretty good damage.

Melee-I like most of the heavies I have the fragor, scindo, hate, gram, and galatine. I also have the dual zorens, fangs, orthos, glaive, and kestrel. I usually use heavies for every frame. I use the hate for my weaker and faster frames and the rest for my tanky frames. I like the fragor and scindo for range and power. I use the hate for speed hits, and quick charge attacks, and the galatine for powerful charge attacks.

That is what I use, like I said feel free to comment on what you enjoy and why. This is my first blog on here so feel free to leave criticism but don't be rude about it. If you ever want to run a mission with me my IGN is primox feel free to add me in game.

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