Alright guys I know update 11 just came out, but I've already been wondering what the next frame will be. I've heard talk before update 9 about voting between four frames which one would be placed in update 9 they were antimatter(Nova), necromancer(Nekros), beserker(Valkyr) and a hawk/eagle based frame being discussed in the design council. This just what I heard and I can't confirm any of this. But here are a few ideas that I would like to see myself.

Gunzerker-I'm talking something that is similar to a cowboy. This could be a gun based frame that could be similar to banshee in terms of style. Having a good mix of offense and utility. I'm not sure on the skills, but having a buff that increases crit chance and damage seems ideal to me and come on we have the dual vastos, signature weapon right there.

Samurai-This could be a melee based frame with high speed and medium armor. I personally would've loved to see the berserker frame fit this mold, but I still see potential in this idea.

Earth-This would be a perfect idea for another tank. I would see this frame having defensive skills, and high shields health armor and low speed.

Wind-It would be cool to see more element based frames. This could be similar to loki having high speed and specalizing in battlefield manipulation with a little bit of cc.

Time-I've heard several ideas of this already, and a time based frame would be sweet. It could tie in with nova as far as lore for the whole time and space idea. I see this being a slower and somewhat fragile, but casting based frame. The skills would specalize in support and some cc.

These are just a few ideas that I had. If you have any other ideas or thoughts on this matter feel free to comment.

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