Greetings tenno, I recently did a blog asking for ideas on new frames and I wanted to continue this creative streak with tileset ideas. Recently in U11 we saw the new corpus gas cities, and have seen concepts for grineer ship yards and grineer jungles. I think tilesets do a great job at creating a realistic feel for a planet like a gas city on jupiter or a desert settlement on phobos. This gives the game a much more authentic feel and the same couple of tilesets gets boring after a while. They also can open up oppurtunities for a different and in my opinion a better experience in gameplay which I'll expand on later. Anyways here are a few ideas that I've heard or come up with. If you have any ideas feel free to comment.

Grineer volcano-Now that the grineer have invaded mars in the Gradivus Dilemma they should own mars. The largest mountain in our solar system is Olympus Mons which resides on mars and is three times the size of Mt Everest. This could be the setting for another event. Now this volcano is dormant I believe, but volcano's go active again and a firey tile-set would be really cool to wittness. This could also coincide with lore quite nicely.

Corpus Ice settlement-This would be an ideal tileset for a planet like pluto. The tenno would have to fight the corpus in this artic wasteland.

Grinner underwater base-This would be good for earth. Maybe have some maps as jungle, and some underwater. Running through halls miles underwater where you could peer into the ocean would be a great idea.

Corpus badlands-This would be interesting to see on venus, the planet in reality has a very toxic environment along with a very tumoultous climate. The tileset would have this post-apocalyptic feel to it with viscious storms.

Infested underworld-In the underground of a planet the infested live in order to escape the harsh condtions of the surface of the planet. This would be somewhat similar to the derelict, but maybe having acid pools, and more rocky in appearance compared to the energy appearance of the derelict tile sets.

As of now mods like warmcoat and flamerepellent are useless due to the fact that these hazards are totally random, and the majority of the time they're a waste of mod space along with not scaling that high. If these mods scaled better and by putting in permanent hazards, players would have an incentive to use those mods. Also having warframe passives would work perfectly here, it's stupid that frost can get frozen, ember can get burned, and sayrn can get poisoned. These hazards would make it a viable option and make frames as a whole better. Finally it would add another element of complexity to this game that would go a long way.

On that note, I've seen other ideas wanting the removal of the mod system, and if lets say a skill tree system(similar to BL2 or DS2 with different trees for different aspects of the warframe) was put in, these passive abilities could easily be implemented like ember being immune to fire hazards on the volcano tileset or frost having immunity to hazards on the ice tileset. I think the mod system is good, but we need something else. If you haven't read The Great Zamboughni's article on warframe rework, he has some solid ideas on there and it's worth checking out. Sorry for digressing there, but I felt the need to address that as well and a second blog would be rather pointless.

Anyways those are some ideas, like I said if you have any ideas feel free to speak your mind in the comments below. I always enjoy hearing other peoples opinions. If you ever want to run any missions with me ingame shoot me a buddy request my ign is Primox.

Happy Hunting fellow tenno-Hyperion III/Primox

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